August 25 and 26, 2017 | Crown Legacy, Baguio City, Philippines

Keynote Speakers

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Dr. Farhan Alshammari

Topic: Theoretical Stance to develop new knowledge: A paramount in Nursing Education

Dr. Farhan Alshammari is currently the Dean of the College of Nursing at University of Hail, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA). At present, he is the Chairman of the Committee of Deans of the Colleges of Nursing at Saudi Universities, Director of National Leadership Program and a member of Saudi Nursing Licensing Exam Committee. As a leader and researcher, he firmly believes that research is useless if not to institute change towards improvement. Dr. Alshammari instituted innovation in both education and research.  Such experience in research and in nursing education has pave his name to the international arena. Moreover, Dr. Alshammari, an international figure, is a publisher, a speaker, a journal editor and a mainstay reviewer.

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Ruth Thelma Tingda

Topic: International Council for Nurses (ICN):
Research Updates and Implications

Ms. Ruth Thelma Tingda has been an active member and leader of the Philippine Nurses Association (PNA) for many years now. She is currently serving as the National president and concurrently the Regional Governor of the PNA in the Cordillera Administrative Region. Aside from being a dynamic leader of the nurses of the Philippines, she is among the most treasured and committed nurse educator and Dean of nursing in various Colleges and Universities in the Cordillera Administrative Region.

Through the years, she played diverse roles as consultant for UNICEF and LEAD USAID in the development of Female Functional Literacy to enhance mothers’ compliance to health education in remote areas. She has also contributed much to the resolution of various nursing and health related issues like the infamous nursing licensure examination leakage scam, forgeries of signatories in PRC documents for NLE applications, and worked for the improvement of the working conditions of nurses including salary packages. Such advocacy engagements were in collaboration with various groups. It can be said then that she portrays multiple characters such as an educator, researcher, speaker, and advocator.

Ms. Tingda is among the pioneer graduates of Saint Louis University College of Nursing for her BS Nursing, had Masters of Arts in Nursing from the University of the Philippines Manila and Masters in Management from the University of the Philippines Baguio.

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Dr. Patraporn Tungpunkom

Topic: Integration of Research Evidences Towards Quality Education and Practice

Dr. Patraporn Tungpunkom received her Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing in the University of California, San Francisco, USA. She is a faculty of nursing at Chiang Mai University and a director of the Thailand Center for Evidence Based Health Care: A Joanna Briggs Institute Center of Excellence & Director of Mental Health Care Center. Dr. Tungpunkom’s work in research and in nursing education has been acclaimed not only in Thailand but all over the world resulting for a numerous scholar citations in different publications. Her dedication in the nursing profession especially in psychiatric nursing field has pave her way as an excellent awardee in psychiatric nursing profession recognized by the Psychiatric Nurse Association of Thailand. She is also an editorial board committee of the different publications particularly: Pacific Rim International Journal of Nursing Research, Thai Nursing Council in Thailand, Journal of Thai Psychiatric Nurse Association, Thailand and, Burapha Nursing Journal.


Plenary Speakers

Dr. Mary Grace Lacanaria

Topic: Demystifying the Relevance of Research to Nursing Education: Its Significance to Practice

Dr. Mary Grace Calano Lacanaria is the Dean of the School of Nursing at St. Louis University, Baguio City and a current president of the Association of Deans in the Philippines, College of Nursing (ADPCN). Dean Lacanaria earned her Doctor of Philosophy in Education at St. Louis University, Baguio City Philippines. Dr. Lacanaria’s impeccable accomplishments in the nursing education have built her the image of trust and respect. Indeed her opinion is highly sought after in the field of nursing education. She is one of the reverend leaders who stand for the rights of the nurses towards a culture of transformation and innovation within the nursing profession. Dr. Lacanaria is also a multitalented professional—a researcher, a journal reviewer, and a speaker in and outside the country.

Dr. Milabel Enriquez-Ho

Topic: Challenges and Innovation in Nursing Education: Global Perspectives

Dr. Milabel Enriquez-Ho is currently the 5th President of the 100-year old Western Mindanao State University (WMSU) and the Regional Chair of the Philippine Association of State Universities and Colleges (PASUC) Region IX. Dr. Ho brings to WMSU a record of transformational leadership and strategic vision that strengthens the culture of research, integrating the values of humanism, feminism, environmentalism, equality and ecumenism in the day-to-day activities of the academic community. She was the recipient of the 2013 Most Outstanding Professional in the Field of Nursing awarded by the Professional Regulation Commission. Furthermore, she was also an awardee of 2008 Best of Women Award by the Philippine National Red Cross-Zamboanga City Chapter and of 2007 Anastacia Giron Tupas Award, respectively.   Her prior positions include the Dean of the College of Nursing; University Secretary and Secretary of the Board of Regents; and Vice-President for Research, Development and Extension (VP-RDE) in concurrent capacity as Vice-President for Academic Affairs (VPAA). She was elected chair of the Board of Governors of the PNA in 2004. She assumed the Presidency on April 16, 2012 where she was the first nurse president.

Dr. Florence Cawaon

Topic: The Future of Nursing Profession Beyond Borders

Dr. Florence Cawaon is a double degree holder: Doctor of Philosophy in Education and a Doctor of Nursing Science. She is currently a board member of the Professional Regulation Commission, Board of Nursing.  Known for her modesty and work ethic, she built her own name which made her as one of the most respected nurse leaders in the Philippines. Dr. Cawaon was the former dean of Baguio Central University, College of Nursing and Benguet State University. Her interest in nursing education and management led her to author and to publish a handbook for student nurses entitled: Introduction to Nursing Management Functions. Her significant contribution has impacted a breakthrough in the career of the future young nursing professionals. Furthermore, Dr. Cawaon is also a dedicated researcher and sought after conference speaker.

Dr. Erlinda Castro- Palaganas

Topic: Continuing Nursing Education: An Impetus to Quality of Care and Health Outcomes

Dr. Erlinda Castro-Palaganas is a professor of the University of the Philippines, Baguio-Institute of Management. Professor Palaganas is a holder of Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing from University of Sydney, NSW, Australia. Her expertise in the field of research includes health services and non-profit sector management, including Indigenous Health Knowledge and Practices, Gender Studies, Health Policy Studies, Health Program Assessment and Evaluation Studies, and Community Development Participatory Action Researches. Such expertise and dedication in those fields made her a national and international multi-awarded researcher. She holds various committees in the Philippine Nurses Association, founder of Philippine Nursing Research Society Inc., President of the Community Health Education, Services and Training in the Cordillera Region Inc, and many more.  Dr. Palaganas is also the editor-in-chief of Philippine Journal of Nursing, an international speaker, and a public servant.